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Your wedding - your way

About Us

I have several years’ experience in providing bespoke wedding ceremonies. I believe that ceremonies should be personal to the couple and reflect their beliefs, attitudes and expectations, so that they help to create a dream wedding day.

Each ceremony is written with full co-operation between myself and my clients and is tailor made for the occasion, the end results make a truly special event for both the couple and their family and friends. I am calm, professional and organised, which helps couples feel well looked after and cared for.

My main concern is to provide the ceremony you want. Your wedding- your way!

Celebrant weddings

At Love2Live Ceremonies we believe that the vows and promises, the hopes and wishes that are in your ceremony are a crucial part of your wedding day and indeed of your marriage. It is when you tell each other, witnessed by your friends and family, what is important between you and what you value about each other. So, what is being said during that ceremony should reflect you and your personalities, not the beliefs, words and music that someone else thinks you should have.

Celebrant weddings are flexible, your imagination is the only limit.

On your wedding day you are the centre of attention and you should be able to say what you like to each other.

What, where and how?

You can have your ceremony where you would like. Lakeside, beach, woodland, farmland, formal venue, village hall, garden, orchard, barn, at home or abroad. (The venue doesn’t need to be licensed; but you will need permission from the land owner.)

You can say what you would like to say. You can include religious content if you wish, but do not have to. Poems, readings and vows are all your choice, with loads of suggestions from Pam if necessary.

You can choose your own music, classical, modern, jazz, disco, live or recorded. The music that means most to you.
You can choose a theme: fun, romantic, traditional, humorous, beautiful.
You can involve family, friends and children.
You can do the legal paperwork before the ceremony.
You can include symbolic ceremonies i.e Hand Fasting, Sand Ceremonies, candle lighting, if you want to.
You can choose the day of the week and the time of day, we will only book one ceremony on any given day.

The Legal Bit

All births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales have to be registered. This is done at the local Register Office, for a marriage you will be asked 2 or 3 questions, you will need two witnesses, and this takes approximately 15 minutes.

Your Love2Live ceremony is usually held on another day and that is where your loved ones witness you making your promises and vows to each other. The venue does not have to be registered and you do not have a registrar, who is a complete stranger, conducting your ceremony. Almost all of our couples consider their ceremony to be their Wedding Day rather than the legal document signing day.

What can’t we do?

• Ceremonies in church.
• Skydiving or Scuba diving! (You could, but I can’t!)